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Treats for the food blog junkie that aren't fattening, if  you look, but don't touch, touch, but don't taste, taste, but don't swallow .......

Culinate Award winning site with gorgeous photography and great recipes. Has the look and feel of a very good food magazine. Frequent posts. 

Roti n Rice A mind boggling array of recipes that encompasses south east Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, British, Mediterranean, baking, yeast cookery and so much more, from a stay home mum who's made Minnesota a little warmer just because she's in it. 

Lazaro Cooks! Recipes that will amaze you with their intricacy and complexity and writing that's so alive with passion and conviction, it positively crackles! I only wish I were Lazaro Bernal's permanent dinner guest *sigh* 

Chef Wanabe Is truly one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. The recipes are inspired and achievable, the photoraphy is stunning. If you are a blogger, I guarantee a visit will induce blog envy beyond description. 

The Fresh Loaf Not a conventional food blog but a community of bakers at all levels of expertise. Get answers, recipes, tutorials and much more. An incredible resource for anyone interested in bread.

I Shot the Chef A joint effort by a husband and wife team. She cooks, he shoots, then eats. Great no-fuss recipes, gorgeous photos.  

Tartelette If ever there was a "feel good" food site or blog, this would doubtlessly be IT. The ethereal white and lavender theme has an almost narcotic effect on me and keeps me going back... .. of course, the recipes and photos are gorgeous too.

Bakerella If you love baking, this site will bend your mind. Almost every post will have you asking, "Why didn't I think of that" and turning green with envy. 

Lobster Squad If you know why this blog is so named, then you must be a bigger Woody Allen fan than I will ever be.  The writer is a Spanish illustrator who posts delightfully whimsical drawings instead of food shots, along with recipes.

My Burning Kitchen Not just about food. Musings aplenty. Entertaining, amusing, enlightening and definitely worth a look.  

Defunkt Gourmet The culinary adventures of a cooky Canuck. She makes butter from scratch, Gummi Bear compost cookies and diva-esque macarons and shows and tells it all in unedited, beauty spots and warts and all glory.  

Luvtoeat A Canadian Asian mum of two who lets us into her home and heart with arms wide open. You will laugh, you will be drawn in, and you will drool over both her inviting kitchen offerings and ritzy restaurant reviews.

Bread and Honey Elegantly spare layout with detailed recipes, musings, rants  and beautiful photograpy, by a strikingly tattooed full time mum, artist and barista.

The Lunch Box Project Not a conventional food blog as in one with recipes. The blogger is an artist and designer who features a food image a day. If you like fun, quirky, inspiring food drawings, this is for you.

David Lebovitz Formerly a pastry chef at the famed Chez Panisse and now a cookbook author,  David's site is a well spring of inspiration, mouthwatering, reliable recipes and droolworthy photos.

Simply Recipes  Simply brilliant  recipes that work every time, and a treasury of easily navigated information. IT professional Elise Bauer started her blog to document her family recipes, but somewhere along the way, became a food blogosphere luminary.

Kitchen Confidentiality Anyone say "coffee"? Follow the journey of a coffeecionado  and aspiring entrepreneur on the road to caffeine nirvana. Ommmmmmmmmmmm.......

101 Cookbooks Interesting vegetarian recipes. Loaded with great photographs. Beautifully laid out and organised. A joy to navigate. 

The Witchy Kitchen The loveliest kitchen witch you'll ever meet, with some of the most beguilingly delicious vegan dessert and baking recipes you're likely to ever see.

Weave a Thousand Flavours If it's authentic Indian recipes you want, look no further. Expect nothing less than detailed, genuine recipes, full step-by-step instructional pictorials and kitchen success, every single time.

Bake or Break Oh my God, but OH MY GOD!! If you like chocolate, look no further. Chocolate recipes to die for, photos to die from.

Alice Feiring By a wine blogger who has written for the New York Times and has a James Beard Award under her belt. Somehow she still manages to not  send me into a somnolent state after 5 minutes.

No Recipes I just can't get over how a freelancer who may or may not be formally trained, can cook, write and shoot the way this guy does. See to believe. Simply stellar.

Chocolate and Zucchini If you're any sort of a foodie, you probably don't need an introduction to Clotilde Dusoulier. This charming Parisian is brimming with infectious joie de vivre  and an obvious passion for all things food and kitchen related.

Eating and Living Good, honest Korean recipes from a Korean-American mum. There's even a copycat recipe for Davie Chang's  pork buns, that may be better than the real thing, lurking amongst the culinary gems of her blog.

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