Bickford's is an Australian institution and their range of cordials is delicious in every sense of the word. The gently curving bottle, the beautifully rendered label and even the gold tone on the cap all ooze old world charm. Looks aside, I cannot sufficiently describe how wonderful a tall, icy glass of this tastes on a day like today, when the tap water comes out hot enough to make instant coffee, even with the heater off, and laundry dries almost brittle crisp in two hours. They carry a staggering range of flavours but my favourite is easily, the lemon barley. Every year at this time, my kitchen cupboard will be stocked with a bottle or two, until the sizzling weather lets up. Mix with soda or mineral water for a refreshing change or try concocting cocktails or flavouring ice creams and sorbets with it. I like it with gin or vodka and soda. Suggested price AUD 5.85 for a 750 ml bottle. Worldwide delivery available here.