I've always recommended the French Press or cafetiere for making good coffee at home and
the Bonjour Maurice Ceramic French Press makes a great cup with the added advantage of keeping the coffee warm for longer than most other presses do. This is achieved by its double walled construction which retains heat marvellously but does not alter the taste of the coffee. Its filter is rimmed with either rubber or silicone which makes doubly sure that the grounds stay put at the bottom of the pot and don't creep back into the liquid coffee, as can happen with poorly made specimens. The fact that it's such a good looking piece of kitchenware that I'm not sure if this should be a "tool" or piece of "tableware", doesn't hurt one bit either. Be warned though that it is pretty heavy precisely because it's double walled, and has a rather small capacity of about 4 small cups. Then again, everything comes at a price, doesn't it?  The lid and plunger rod are solid stainless steel and it comes in black, white or red. I got the red one for SGD 49 from BHG Tampines four months ago. It's drop-dead-gorgeous and extremely difficult to find now. Sorry, but I am trying not to be too smug. Suggested price is USD 39. Available at Chef's Resource and Amazon UK.