Have you ever seen such a ridiculously fabulous cake stand? It's amazing the things you stumble upon when you're bored out of your mind at two in the morning and trawling the internet for an insomnia remedy. It reminded me of those flapper dresses that women loved wearing in the 1920s. Even the plainest of cakes would have a certain cachet, served on this (ever so slightly) over-the-top stand. It's actually for weddings but we could all use a little beauty in our lives, even on ordinary days. I love the lacelike detail and the aged look of the metal and oh, those hanging (acrylic) jewels! The glass top is fitted into the frame so you don't have to worry about it slipping out. Measures about 6" tall and 11" across. It's so beautiful the last thing you're probably thinking now, as you're looking at it, mesmerised, is, "How am I going to clean that??!" Pfffft! Such trivials! You'll manage I'm sure... somehow. Suggested price about USD 28 . Available at Amazon.