Don't be fooled by the basic no-frills look of this pan, which I actually find quite beautiful, in an elemental sort of way. I have tried my share of cookware, (won't name names though I sorely want to) This is the same pan I recommend in my cookbook, that my editor wouldn't let me name. But this is my blog, so I'll scream it from any mountain top; de Buyer of France, makes hands down, the best frying pans I have ever cooked with. I have the 26 cm frying pan which I paid SGD 59 for, at 5B Pte Ltd, in Joo Chiat. The pan is made from a metal called blue steel (similar to high carbon steel) that has all the desirable properties of cast iron, like even heating, warp resistance and phenomenal heat retention but is even stronger and more durable. These babies are virtually indestructible. An added plus is the riveted handle - welded or screwed on handles tend to loosen and waggle after a while. Incidentally, even the angle of the handle is perfect and makes using the pan very comfortable - a plus if you want to flip omelettes or pancakes, assuming you're strong enough to flip an old fashioned metal pan like this.   On the downside it's HEAVY, tends to rust and well, that's it actually. No other pan comes close when you want to flawlessly sear a steak, cook bacon to blissful perfection or brown foods - cooking techniques that require really intense heat. I chose the 26 cm model so it would fit into my regular sized oven. Did I mention that the all metal construction makes it ovenproof? Now that I've been using it for almost two years, I'm thinking of getting 2 more - bigger ones, for weekend family breakfast fry-ups so I can get a big breakfast ready in half the time. When you buy one of these pans you really must follow the seasoning instructions. And always clean up promptly after use, with hot water, a stiff brush and no soap. Dry thoroughly by wiping or heating on the stove and it helps if you rub a thin coat of clean oil on it before storing. To be honest, I just scrub mine (with a tiny amount of mild soap if it's really gunky) wipe dry then gently heat on the stove till completely dry. Mine is a permanent resident of the stove top. I use it far too often to even think of keeping it in the cupboard.  With proper seasoning, frequent use and the prescribed care, you will have a naturally non stick pan that will more than serve, you, and possibly your grandchildren. Absolutely and unreservedly RECOMMENDED. Suggested price about  £22. Available here