The best black loose leaf tea I have ever tasted. Dilmah prides itself on many things. I think they should be proudest of the fact that their tea outshines many other 'premium' teas, at a fraction of the cost of these 'premium' brands. There is a very distinctly bright and fresh character to their tea, unequalled by anything else I've so far tried. Even their range of tea-bags, the bane of tea connoisseurs, makes tea that tastes very, very good. This particular one is my absolute favourite of their Loose Leaf Tea range and makes an eye-poppingly wonderful cup; rich tasting, forwardly fruity, with the subtlest hints of smoke and spice and a gorgeous coppery liquor. Other options in the same range include such intriguing flavours as French Rose with Vanilla, Mediterranean Mandarin and Italian Almond, none of which I have tried - I'm a simple girl and I don't even like tea much, except for Dilmah's. Check out their full range or buy