This knife is a dream to use. The curvy handle provides a very comfortable and firm grip and prevents hand or wrist fatigue. The curve and length of the blade is absolutely perfect and allows fast and effortless cutting. I’ve had this knife for about a year now and have hardly looked at another since I bought it. I can’t remember the exact price but I got it at a hefty discount and paid about SGD 70, at Tangs  – a mere pittance for the quality. The cutting edge seems to remain sharp no matter how much I use it and I’ve only had to run it over my sharpening steel a few times and it’s keen as mustard again. Did I mention how cute it looks?  I adore the shape of the handle and the 3 rivets are very eye catching, though they were not put in for aesthetics. I think I’ll just get another of the same if I manage to wear this one out.  Available on Amazon UK.  Suggested price -  £43.