If poaching eggs is always a hit and miss undertaking, you might want to consider this ingenious solution to meandering egg whites and strangely shaped poached eggs. No funny business with vinegar, mini water cyclones in your cooking pot or slippery sliding with saucers. These 'pods' also, theoretically anyway, do away with soggy, water laden eggs that take all the crunch and fun out of toast and crusty English muffins. "Theoretically" because I haven't tried them, yet. The idea alone though is attractively simple and brilliant. You coat the internal side of the silicone pod lightly with oil, then crack your egg into it. Float it in boiling water until cooked to desired level. Gently turn the pod inside out and your perfectly poached egg pops out. It's dishwasher safe and oven proof. Also usable  as jelly moulds. To read reviews and for buying details, click here. Suggested price about £5 for a set of 2.