Sweet Brazil was created in 1986 when Paula de Lima Azevedo left her job in advertising to concentrate full-time on making fine chocolate.Presently there are two stores in São Paulo and Sweet Brazil is known for its creatively and beautifully designed chocolate made from a blend of terroir cocoa, and most of all, for its elaborate Easter eggs and Christmas offerings.Sweet Brazil makes fine chocolate all year round in an arresting array of appetizing shapes - bars, bonbons, clusters, spheres (including bolinhas de cachaça), and even a Kama Sutra gift box.There are delicately printed terroir chocolate disks and even organic, sustainably made European chocolate in the shape of small globes and trees. My personal favourite is predictably, I suppose, the chocolate Faberge Eggs shown above, which are part of Sweet Brazil's Easter selection. The detail they display is mind boggling and they are almost jewel-like in their beauty and intricacy. No, I haven't tasted them yet but they're exquisite enough to adore from afar. Check out their entire line here. Sorry, but it's not in English. Still the pictures alone are drool-worthy.