Oh, how I love these gold foil packed nuggets of pure chocolate pleasure! What's to love about Whittaker's chocolates? They're made from cocoa beans imported from Ghana, acknowledged to produce some of the world's best cocoa beans. Whittaker's, a New Zealnd company, handles the roasting and processing of the beans themselves. There are flavours like coconut, ginger and kiwi, but my favourite is the single serve (45 g) chunky bar absolutely crammed with diminutive and perfectly roasted almonds that taste unusually rich, sweet and well, "almondy", for want of a better word.The chocolate itself is divine; not cloyingly sweet, with a rich chocolate aroma but no trace of bitterness. It snaps cleanly when broken and melts obligingly on the tongue. Because it's thick, it doesn't melt as easily as other thinner bars would in this damnable equatorial heat, and, it's really satisfying to bite into such a hefty bar, though it really is quite a small portion, by my standards, anyway. Suggested price USD 3.20 for a pack of 3. Worldwide delivery available here.