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Ginger, Lime and Mint Fizz

Posted by on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, In : Drinks 

I've encountered this cocktail more than once, when island hopping around the Maldives. It's a zingy blend of citrus, ginger and mint that really makes the palate tingle while quieting the churning tummy discomfort that can arise from being tossed about the waves like a ragdoll in a toyboat, when the usually placid, and always beautiful, Indian Ocean is less agreable. After a bone rattling speedboat ride, under the relentlessly blistering Maldivian sun, on my last trip there late last year,...

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Posted by on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, In : Drinks 

Aquavit or Akvavit as it’s known in Scandinavia is the most popular tipple in Viking territory. It’s believed to warm the body – very important in that corner of the world, amongst a host of other health benefits, not least of which is the purported ability to lengthen human life. Not surprising then that its name means “water of life”. I doubt it will add even a minute to your lifespan but it warms the gullet on its way down and starts a smoulder in the belly once it lands. Its car...

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Vadim’s Vamp

Posted by on Saturday, June 6, 2009, In : Drinks 

The very sight of the cobalt coloured French liqueur, Alize Bleu, brings sunny St Tropez and its bevy of beautiful people to mind. When I was growing up, Brigitte Bardot was the femme du jour and a fixture of St Tropez.  I’ve lost count of the number of Bardot movies I’ve seen but they’ve definitely left their mark. The bright citrus, cherry and spice flavours coupled with the gorgeous blue of this delightful cocktail epitomises to me, the seductive charms of the French Riviera and the ...

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