I know this is the recipes section and this post is not a recipe, but Quickies on The Dinner Table has been given the Sunshine Award by Kitchen Masochist, and it's a pretty big deal to me. Thank you Kitchen Masochist - I am flattered and knew those difficult questions you keep asking me on my blog would not be in vain ;)  - naaaah they were easy. Btw, if you like snappy, sassy recipes and eye popping food photography, check out her blog. Go!!
As part of the deal, I have to pass this award on to 12 bloggers I like. After giving it a minute's thought, these are the lovely bloggers I want to share the honour with. Before I get on with it, Stella (The Witchy Kitchen) I wanted you on this list but Kitchen Masochist beat me to it ; girl, everybody here wants you ;)

Jenn at Defunkt Gourmet - she makes me laugh then torments me with her posts for evil cupcakes and ethereal eau-de-nil hued macarons. Helen at Tartelette, consider yourself warned....psst! Jenn! psst! - you better work on those macarons. Keep piping girl, keep piping!! ;)

Biren at Roti and Rice - if I'm ever homesick in Minnesota and dying for a bowl of comfort, I'll be sniffing a trail to her house. 

Silvia at Citron et Vanille - no one's surprised right? Because, well, the woman's an artist! Seriously, though, I love cheese to distraction and she sooooooo gets it!

Claudia at What's Cooking Italian Style Cuisine  - she cooks like a wife in a Mafia movie - good and plenty. I better not see no leftovers!! Capisce? ;)

Natasha at 5 Star Foodie - Man! I wish I had her life. Jetsetting everywhere, eating at the best restaurants, tinkering with expensive, exotic ingredients *sigh* Thanks for the vicarious pleasure of your blog.

Tania at Dulcis in Furno - her recipes are always short, sharp, sweet and sensational. Brava bella!

Liren at Kitchen Worthy - Man! I wish I had her hair! KIDDING! But you do have nice hair :D It's your recipes, I swear! It's the recipes!!

Bunky at Bunky Cooks - she loves her food, she wears her heart on her apron and I love what she does to chocolate!

Sara at The Lonely Radish - sweet, smart, Sara from Seattle whose posts opened my eyes and aroused my curiosity.

Marla at Family Fresh Cooking - whenever I feel like eating myself into a sugar or fat induced coma, I toddle over to her blog for a healthier alternative. My jeans thank you Marla.

Bonnie at Sweetlifebake - because she plays with her food. I really don't need anything else - go see for yourself.

Cleo at Village Blend - she writes murder mysteries and she bakes a mean cookie. Jessica Fletcher and Agatha Christie got nothing on her. Can I have your coffee cup shaped cookie cutter now, Cleo? :D

Zibi at Fresh Slow Cooking - she got me to dig my crockpot out of the dungeon. I can put my feet up and listen to Ella while sipping wine in the evening, before dinner, now. *GRIN*

To the award winners, please pass this on to your favorite bloggers! Here are the Rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post
2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers!
3. Link the nominees within your post
4. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

And that's it! It's been fun, now it's your turn, my lovely 12, well OK, 13. Hey, if Kitchen Masochist can break the rules, so can I! If I've made any mistakes, I apologise. PLEASE let me know about it. It's been great getting to know you and reading your thoughts, musings, memories, recipes and posts, so please, keep em coming!