Hope you're all having a great Sunday Morning! It's past noon here and I'm still enjoying my first cup o' joe for the day. That's exactly what Sunday mornings are all about, or at least, should be ;) I am so very pleased to have received entries for the Quickies Morning, Noon and Night, Avocado and Feta Cooking Challenge, from the following bloggers. If you have already sent in an entry but don't see your name listed below, please resend me the link to your entry at quickiesonthedinnertable@gmail.com

I do apologise for any inconvenience and hope for your indulgence. We have tried our best to vigilantly keep track of all entries but the response has been so much more than was hoped for and we want to be absolutely sure that no one who has sent in an entry is left out - that would be unforgiveable!!

1.     Biren @ Roti n Rice
2.     Catherine @ Living the Gourmet
3.     Allie and Patti @ Bramasoletoyearnforthesun
4.     Allie and Patti @ Bramasoletoyearnforthesun
5.     Ana Powell @ Magic Flavors
6.     Jessie Erwin @ The Happiness in Health
7.     Natasha @ 5 Star Foodie
8.     Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron
9.     Sara @ The Lonely Radish
10.   Laura @ La Diva Cucina
11.   Norma @ Platanos Mangoes and Me
12.   Sarah @ All Our Fingers in the Pie
13.   Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen
14.   Zibi @ Fresh Slow Cooking
15.   Bonnie @ Sweetlife
16.   Kait @ Cooking with Kait
17.   Cleo @ Coffee House Mysteries
18.    Vanessa @ Sweet Artichoke
19.    Trix @ Tasty Trix
20.    Devaki @ Weave a Thousand Flavors
21.    Stella @ The Witchy Kitchen
22.    Jillyann @ The Homegrown Gourmet
23.    Jillyann @ The Homegrown Gourmet
24.    Cristina @ Cristina from BA to Paris
25.    Pierre @ Little Hungry Heart
26.    Ruby @ Tomayto, Tomaaahto

No mistake there, we've received two entries each from Allie/Patti and Jillyann! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. We are expecting a few more entries tomorrow and if you still want to take part, the deadline is 12 Midnight (Miami, Florida time)  on 7 June.  The challenge is open to all, worldwide. The winner will be decided on by Nancy, Lazaro and myself. The complete line up of entries and the winner will be announced on 8 June.

Challenge ingredients are Avocados and Feta, done anyway you like, for any course of a meal with or without the inclusion of additional ingredients. We're easy like that - as long as it rocks our world, you're in the running.

Challenge rules  are post the recipe with a picture of the finished dish, on your blog. A picture of the prize (my book cover - see above) and a link back to Quickies on The Dinner Table and Lazaro Cooks! should be included in the body of the post. Send me a link to the post at quickiesonthedinnertable@gmail.com  by 7 June.

Prizes  (yup, plural...we really like giving stuff!) are a copy of my cookbook Quickies: Morning, Noon & Night and a guest spot on the stellar blog Lazaro Cooks!

That's it for now. It's Sunday - time to kick back before the weekly mayhem starts again! I leave you with this little nibble of yumminess ;)  Have a great Sunday!