Hi All!

I have been up to my eyeballs these last 5 months, in this, that and the other, BUT, I have not stopped blogging - I've just been doing it somewhere else. Quickies on The Dinner Table has been a lovely introduction to the world of food blogging and a gateway to many wonderful friendships, but I crave a broader culinary scope than the one I have created here. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has read, followed, subscribed, commented, tried out my recipes, bought my book, or extended the hand of friendship through this blog. The best part of the whole process has been interacting with you. Please join me at Singapore Shiok! as I write about the food of my home, Singapore and anything else that interests or inspires me.

As I continue to receive positive feedback about Quickies, though I will no longer be updating it, I have decided to leave it as an information and recipe resource for any one who is interested. All text, recipes and photos are my own work, hence I would appreciate if those who wish to use any text, recipes or photos from this site, would contact me for permission at



Denise Fletcher