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Corn Custard and Drill Wielding Demons

Posted by denise fletcher on Thursday, August 5, 2010, In : Breakfast 

You probably wouldn't think and much less, hope, to read about dental health on a food blog, but, my dental woes  and their impact on my ability to eat normally, have got me thinking about how important my teeth are to me as a food writer and blogger. Oh yeah!!

When you're as long in the tooth as I am, a simple extraction is seldom the answer to everything, so my troubles won't end until my root canal job is finally done with. I don't like dentists and probably never will. The dental surgeon...

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Parmesan and Tomato Scrolls

Posted by on Monday, February 15, 2010, In : Morning 

I made these egg free, low cholesterol, lacto-vegetarian, dairy-restricted [ have I got your attention yet? ; ) ] brunch bites for my husband yesterday. We didn't feel like joining the Valentine's Day throng and falling victim to inflated restaurant prices, so, a lazy and langourous day spent almost entirely in bed was how we marked the occassion.

These delicious savoury rolls, filled with grated parmesan and topped with a tomato half, not only make a very tasty and satisfying brunch nibble...

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