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Salmon and Vegetable Parcels

Posted by on Monday, February 22, 2010, In : Night 

I saw a gorgeous fillet of salmon on the fishmonger's slab and knew right away that I wanted to eat it with the Yukon Gold potatoes and the almost needle fine beans I'd bought the day before. Cooking food sealed in parchment paper is a classical French method known as "en papillote". I love, love, love this way of preparing fish as it's almost laser quick, mess free, healthy and relies very little on fat for flavour.

What you get is a cut of fish cooked to absolute perfection, which for me,...

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Hubby's in Town Tater Salad

Posted by on Monday, July 6, 2009, In : Noon 

There was little more than ice, milk, slightly shrivelled green beans and mustard in my freezer and fridge on Saturday; the husband made a pit-stop on his way back to work and was in and out of town within 2 days; I am not being facetious. Would grocery shopping be on your list of priorities? I had 6 sprouting potatoes in the basket and lots of beautiful chartreuse hued virgin olive oil. A handful of bright coral cherry tomatoes were rolling about in the crisper drawer and still had some li...

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