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A Salmon and Pea Hummus Wrap Seasoned with Maternal Trickery

Posted by denise on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, In : Fish and Shellfish 

UPDATE :  I'm very pleased to announce that we've already received  3  very interesting entries! Thank you very much. Keep them coming guys and remember to send them in by June 7 2010  - we're looking forward to shouting out the winner and showcasing a fantastic line up of entries on June 8 2010  !! What's your motivation? Not one, but TWO fabulous prizes - a gorgeous cookbook (take a detailed peek here) and a guest blogger spot on the fabulous blog Lazaro Cooks! And now on ...

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Crusty Baked Mackerel with Onion and Lemon Relish

Posted by denise on Monday, April 12, 2010, In : Fish and Shellfish 

You will probably be seeing more fish posts here soon, for a very good reason. One of my boys has been diagnosed with learning difficulties and we've been strongly advised to include much more fish oils in his diet, as they're believed to significantly help children with learning challenges, both from supplementary as well as dietary sources. The  next step would be Ritalin therapy, and for us, that would be an absolute last resort. Absolute.

We do everything together; when my mum was advi...

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Rough & Ready Tuna Tataki

Posted by on Saturday, November 28, 2009, In : Night 

After successive days of curry in varying shades of red, green, yellow and brown...here it comes, morning, noon and night, I really, really wanted something different. Hubby's apartment kitchen however, is kitchenphobic-bachelor-basic, with a fridge that holds marginally more than 3 bottles of water and doesn't even have an oven. It's lovely having the Indian Ocean in all its turquoise and cobalt glory outside every window here, in the Maldives, but I was really starting to miss my kitchen ba...

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Salmon Escalopes in Lemon and Caper Butter

Posted by on Saturday, June 6, 2009, In : Night 

Escalopes are thin, broad slices of meat, poultry and in this case, fish. They cook amazingly quickly and are one of my favourite dinners to prepare when i've had a day too crazy to take my chances with take out but I'm feeling a bit too fragile to throw myself into the preparation of a fussy meal.  A glass of wine with this, some simple boiled potatoes or tender, well seasoned lentiles, and maybe a plate of mascarpone topped with tart berries, dusted with icing sugar, at the end, make a meal...

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