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Chocolate Pistachio Fudgesicles

Posted by denise fletcher on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, In : Sweet things 

First let me thank all who have emailed me about my week long absence, you know who you are and you have my gratitude for your touching concern - I guess I should've made some sort of announcement instead of quietly slinking away, hoping to go unnoticed. I've been immersed in a personal project which I hope to wrap up soon, so I can return to my regular posting schedule of Mondays and Thursdays (Singapore time). Until then, I will post at least once a week, probably on Wednesdays (yes, Singap...

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Chocolate Pistachio Cups

Posted by denise fletcher on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, In : Sweet things 

Becoming a food blogger and rubbing virtual elbows with so many like minded souls, has opened up my food universe and introduced me to things I might otherwise have never known, existed! Take instant pudding for example. This wonder of food science (some may  say culinary abomination, but, potayto potahto..... meat, poison) requires no cooking and sets instantly on contact with water! I might actually be spooked, if I were not so curious and amazed.

I'd read about it on Rick's blog, Bitter...

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Yoghurt and Pistachio Panna Cotta with Rose Syrup

Posted by denise on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, In : Sweet things 

Have you ever gotten stuck in a mental groove? It goes something like this : green, green, green, I want something green! Don't know why, don't know what, but gotta be GREEN!! I've near exhausted pandan and have tired of green tea this, that and the other. Pistachios - now those, I don't use much. They're not cheap and shelling them, unless you're going to immediately pop them  straight into your mouth, is a pain. So pistachio would be my green, and I would theme it on the Arabian Nights, ano...

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