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Pretty in Pink Potato Salad

Posted by on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, In : Salads, Vegetables and Meatless 

Eversince I made this cake, I've had pink on the brain. Truth is, I've never thought much of the taste of beetroot -  each time I've eaten it, I just haven't been able to get away from the association with sugar and earth. Beetroot is often described as "earthy" but the first time I tried it, I was quite surprised to find that it was an almost literal description of the luridly bright tuber.

Now the colour, oh, the colour, is something else altogether! I've always adored the vivid, almost vi...

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Warm Roasted Vegetable and Pasta Salad

Posted by on Thursday, March 11, 2010, In : Salads, Vegetables and Meatless 

I was planning to make roast chicken and this salad a while ago when I chanced upon an article (an extract from "Eating Animals" a book by Jonathan Safran Foer) posted by a fellow foodie Sara, about the present state of commercial farming and it's supposed dirty secrets. Just a few short years ago,  I thought that well known claim about battery reared chickens having barely the space taken up by a sheet of copier paper, in which to spend their short miserable lives, was just urban legend. I'd...

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Rough & Ready Tuna Tataki

Posted by on Saturday, November 28, 2009, In : Night 

After successive days of curry in varying shades of red, green, yellow and brown...here it comes, morning, noon and night, I really, really wanted something different. Hubby's apartment kitchen however, is kitchenphobic-bachelor-basic, with a fridge that holds marginally more than 3 bottles of water and doesn't even have an oven. It's lovely having the Indian Ocean in all its turquoise and cobalt glory outside every window here, in the Maldives, but I was really starting to miss my kitchen ba...

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Hubby's in Town Tater Salad

Posted by on Monday, July 6, 2009, In : Noon 

There was little more than ice, milk, slightly shrivelled green beans and mustard in my freezer and fridge on Saturday; the husband made a pit-stop on his way back to work and was in and out of town within 2 days; I am not being facetious. Would grocery shopping be on your list of priorities? I had 6 sprouting potatoes in the basket and lots of beautiful chartreuse hued virgin olive oil. A handful of bright coral cherry tomatoes were rolling about in the crisper drawer and still had some li...

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