Denise Fletcher : cook, eater, writer, mother, compulsive dreamer, old soul, aesthete, inveterate web surfer, newbie sophomore blogger, caffeinehead, borderline wino. 
Love : cooking, baking, books, old movies, writing, ella fitzgerald, jeff buckley, rory gallagher, more jeff buckley, oscar peterson doing jobim, kitchens, super/farmers/flea markets, islands, travel, family, friends, autumn, rain, bare feet, white sheets.
Hate : housework, mess, paperwork, administration and tech support (thanks M - love ya), saddlebags (mine), food bloggers who take themselves too seriously beyond providing quality content and inducing a smile. you're not the first (unless you are), you won't be the last, it's about FOOD,  not rocket science, not a cure for cancer. your farts smell like everyone else's. thank you :) 
Last Earthly Meal : tuna sashami, enough wasabi to singe my sinuses, a perfect avocado,  crusted and bleeding rib-eye, mashed potatoes,  a Rhone red, moules mariniere, ikan asam pedas, a Leonidas truffle,  sticky toffee pudding, Dennis Littley's Tollhouse Cookie Pie and a cup of Guatemala Antigua - no milk please. Yes, all of that, every....last....bit.
Photography for this site :  all by me (unless otherwise stated)
My Crippling Conundrum : the ongoing power struggle over my beleagured hips between my finely tuned aestheticism and my rapacious greed.
Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents : You're some of my favourite people; why don't you come up some time 'n see me ;)


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