What do you do when you make the grave mistake of eating laksa lemak for three meals running, in the same day? You leisurely repent for two days after, that's what.

I love laksa lemak, but really, what was I thinking? All that coconut milk, richly pungent dried shrimp, masses of fried fish cake slices, heaps of fresh prawns and overly generous dollops of fiery chilli paste?!?  My boy Joseph had requested laksa for lunch the day before and when a picky eater makes  a request, you sit up and you pay attention. I was so stoked, that this rail thin, delicate eater of a boy actually had a hankering for anything else apart from muffins and hot chocolate, that I bought enough ingredients to feed a small battalion. Big mistake.

Soooooo......... long story short, we ate laksa for an early lunch (YUMMM!!)........ laksa for afternoon tea (commonly done here, believe it or not) and uh, because the bottom of the laksa gravy pot was still not yet visible....... laksa again for dinner (groan). We trudged on and finally drained the gravy pot and finished most of the other ingredients except for a tiny portion of noodles and some prawns (shrimps).  We were quite green around the gills by then and the next day,  when I opened the fridge and saw the little bag of rice noodles, I almost heaved *eckk*

But, since there was nothing else and I really was not up to cooking anything else for myself, I threw together this very spartan bowl of surprisingly delicious goodness with the meagre leftovers. This may be the easiest, speediest lunch I have ever put together, apart from a ham and cheese sandwich. The short rice noodles I used are called Bee Tai Bak and are referred to as mouse (dropping) noodles because of their appearance. The Cantonese call them Low Si Fun. Don't you just love to know the story behind the ingredients? Well, maybe not this time ;)

You don't really need a recipe for this as I used whatever was hanging around the kitchen, taking inspiration from that homely Japanese dish Ochazuke, which is rice in green tea. Just five ingredients and after the laksa blowout, almost zen-like in simplicity and so very, very welcome. Never again *shudder*

Prep 10 mins  Cook 10 mins Serves 1

1 green tea bag
1 cup bee tai bak (short fresh rice noodles) or cooked rice or your favourite fresh noodles
8 cooked and peeled prawns (shrimps)
2 Tbsp light soy sauce
1 Tbsp sliced spring onions (scallions) or as much as you like

Boil a kettle of water.

When water boils, make a cup of tea with the tea bag. Soak for about 4 minutes then discard bag. Keep tea hot.

Cover noodles with boiling water and soak for about 3 minutes before draining. Rinse prawns with hot water and drain.

Transfer noodles to a bowl. Combine the hot tea and soy sauce and pour over the noodles.

Top with spring onions and prawns and serve immediately.