I've been trying hard not to start each post with an apology but I have been goofing off lately (sincerest apologies to my bloggie buddies who may be feeling a bit neglected) as I've been er...tied up with projects and stalking serial killers.

KIDDING!! I have been busy though, with my ongoing undertaking and playing crazy catch up watching Dexter season 1 - 4, back to back. I've always been slow to sign up *sigh* Two weeks ago I finally found a little time to watch some TV and what do I see? A lovable, bumbling, family man and cold eyed blood spatter analyst, who moonlights as a lean, mean, scum killing machine.

No rest for the wicked huh? Even slashers have time to make a nice, leisurely breakfast, with fresh ground and brewed coffee, no less. What does that make me then, when I can't even fry up a proper ham, eggs and toast breakfast and need to resort to stacking everything up and giving the whole shabang a quick once over in the toaster? Yikes! Ok, I did it this way so I can sneak in episode 6 of season 4, instead of standing stoveside, mindlessly flipping.... and you know what? The bathrooms can wait one more day for their hose down, cos I need my Dexter fix. No spoilers please, on how he gets Trinity, who killed Lundy or the romantic fate of LaGuerta and Batista. Thank you!

This may be quick, rushed even, but there's no trade off on taste. Cut into the bronzed crust and you'll be rewarded with salty ham and a river of molten cheese and golden yolk. Use wholegrain, sturdy bread unless you want everything collapsing in on you..... like a really bad alibi ;) I really would use butter to brown the bread, no margarine please - that stuff will kill ya!

Before I leave you and snuggle in for episode 6, here's a reminder of the beguiling intro that inspired this quick, delicious and vividly graphic breakfast.

Coffee is a must, ketchup and scalpel, optional.

5 mins     Cook 15 mins        Serves 1

About 1 Tbsp butter
2 slices thick cut wholegrain bread
1 slice ham
1 slice cheese
1 not too large egg, preferably organic, but definitely perky fresh
Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat pizza toaster. Heat an oven proof small skillet or pan and melt the butter in it. Put in bread slices and allow to brown. Flip over and brown other sides.

Place ham and cheese on one of the slices. Using a scone or biscuit cutter that fits the frame of the bread slice, cut out a circle from the centre of the other slice.

Put this slice on top of the ham and cheese topped slice. Press together then break egg into the hole that you cut out. Pop the whole pan into the toaster oven which should be pretty hot by now. You may not be able to close the door but that's ok!

When egg is as done as you like it, remove from toaster. Dribble or spatter with ketchup and sprinkle with pepper. Eat.