Aquavit or Akvavit as it’s known in Scandinavia is the most popular tipple in Viking territory. It’s believed to warm the body – very important in that corner of the world, amongst a host of other health benefits, not least of which is the purported ability to lengthen human life. Not surprising then that its name means “water of life”. I doubt it will add even a minute to your lifespan but it warms the gullet on its way down and starts a smoulder in the belly once it lands. Its caraway flavour may take some getting used to but it’s lovely with coffee. The prescribed method is the traditional Danish way of serving it and presents a bit of spectacle at the dinner table while providing an agreeable end to a meal.

Preparation : 10 mins                    Serves : 2

4 generous tsp freshly ground good coffee   
2 teacups (400 ml) freshly boiled hot water  
2 tsp sugar (or to taste)                                  
As much Aquavit as the coin wants (see below)
2 silver coins                          

  • Make the coffee as you normally would, sweeten to taste and keep warm. For this drink, the coffee should be on the strong side and not too sweet
  • Take 2 coffee cups and put a coin into each cup.
  • Pour hot coffee into each cup until the coin is obscured from view.
  • Now, pour in Aquavit until the coin comes back into view. Sip while hot.