I've encountered this cocktail more than once, when island hopping around the Maldives. It's a zingy blend of citrus, ginger and mint that really makes the palate tingle while quieting the churning tummy discomfort that can arise from being tossed about the waves like a ragdoll in a toyboat, when the usually placid, and always beautiful, Indian Ocean is less agreable. After a bone rattling speedboat ride, under the relentlessly blistering Maldivian sun, on my last trip there late last year, I took grateful, long gulps when handed a glass with a slightly shaking hand, whilst standing on rather liquid legs. After 3 swallows, I felt more myself and only realised how delicious it was when it was all gone. Of course I had another, and of course I asked the bartender at the gorgeous Kandooma resort,  for the recipe. 

Prep 5 - 10 minutes                  Serves 4

A handful lightly crushed fresh mint leaves
Half a pitcher of ice chunks
300 ml (1.5 cups)fresh ginger juice (strained)
300 ml (1.5 cups)fresh lime juice (strained)
700 ml (3.5 cups)lemon lime soda
Lime slices for garnishing (optional)


Put the crushed mint into a 1.5 - 2 L (8- 10 cup) capacity pitcher. Add the ice.

Pour over the juices and top up with the soda.

Stir gently with a chopstick or long handled spoon until combined.

Pour into individual glasses, garnish if you wish, and drink while still fizzing
and crackling.

Equilibrium restored.