CONTENT ALERT! This will be a very short recipe.

On Sunday a very generous and shy soul (who reads my blog and will freak if she sees her name) left me in possession of a huge pot of chicken curry, the kind golden hued from turmeric and perfumed as a herb garden from the liberal use of lemongrass and makrut lime leaves. My very favourite kind of curry, and she knows it.

So large a pot was it, that it provided two meals for my family, plus enough to make a speedy, delicious and practically effortless lunch the next day. If you've ever wondered what to do with the 5 sad pieces of meat swimming in gallons of leftover curry gravy, read on.

Thank you unnamed benefactor. Your thoughfulness afforded me an afternoon of solitary shopping in Orchard Road. I came home as laden with booty, as a desert trekking camel. When you crack open a lemon, and splatter yourself with juice, trying to grate off some zest, you know it's time to get this baby:

And when Le Creuset has a 40% mark down, how can you say no to this beauty? Meet my new lidded ramekin which thinks it's a sugar bowl....

Last , but not least, look what I finally got my hot little hands on Jenn!!!!

The best curries for this would generally be Southeast Asian, particularly Thai or Indonesian. If you're not Asian, don't cook Asian, have no Asian neighbour or mother-in-law, Zurin from Cherry on a Cake has a gravy laden green chicken curry recipe that is tailor made for this dish.

Yes, I often rail against indiscriminate fusing of different cuisines, and yes again, I am right here, combining Japanese noodles with a Southeast Asian curry, but, I think both the Japanese and the Southeast Asians will forgive me because as it happens, this kind of merry mix-up occurs quite frequently in both cuisines. What can I say? We both know a good thing, when we taste it.

dried wheat noodles the Japanese call "somen" and the Chiness call "mee sua"

If you're reading this, and you know me, and you love to cook, let me say unashamedly and unequivocally, that I love gifts of food and relish the opportunity to step back from my stove every once in a while. Huge amounts of grub that guarantee leftovers and leave the road wide open to experimentation, are especially welcome ;)

Prep 10 mins      Cook 12 mins       Serves 4

4 bundles somen or Chinese wheat noodle sticks (use whatever noodles you have)
About 1 L (5 cups) leftover chicken or meat curry
As much fresh basil leaves as you like (Vietnamese mint or cilantro work too)
Lime wedges on the side, if you like extra tang


Boil a deep pot of water.

Heat curry and remove meat pieces. Set aside to cool.

Cover curry pot and keep it hot on a low simmer. Shred chicken, discarding bones (and skin, if you wish).

Untie the noodle bundles and blanch one bundle at at time, in fiercely boiling water for 2 minutes or until just tender with a little bite. Drain noodles and put into individual bowls.

Ladle hot curry gravy over noodles and top with some shredded chicken or meat. Garnish with herbs and a lime wedge, if using.

Serve immediately.