As much as any one of us loves to cook, and may well on any given day, eat, live and breathe food, there will be times when when you’ve had all you can take of microwave imploded frozen pizza, greasy stoves, kitchen conflagrations and dirty dishes. Don't tell me otherwise; you'd be a fibber. My friend Luca has rather more of such days than most, and is the inspiration behind this feast of a sandwich, that gives every indication of appealing to more than just fungi fanatics or (more or less) virtuous vegetarians. I admire vegetarians, truly I do. They don't get the respect they deserve; my soul aspires, my stomach protests and my oh, so weak humanity, succumbs. For all who keep company with weary kitchen warriors, be they aspiring vegetarians (for whom I include the butter to ease the transition) or kitchen sloths (no frying pans were dirtied in the making of this sandwich).

Preparation: 5 mins   Toast: 10 mins    Serves: 1 weary kitchen warrior

2 large thick slices walnut, wholegrain or white bread    
Desired amount butter                                            
1 generous handful
Cremini or Swiss brown mushrooms,wiped clean and sliced
2 large slices Sharp Cheddar or Havarti cheese      
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
Salt (optional) to taste
Small amount bottled steak sauce (optional)             

  • Butter both slices of bread and toast lightly, buttered sides up.
  • Remove from toaster and lay a cheese slice over each piece of toast.
  • Scatter half the mushroom slices over each slice of toast and toast again until cheese melts and mushrooms wilt.
  • Lightly season mushrooms with pepper and salt and dribble on steak sauce if desired.
  • Slap together the two slices to form a sandwich and toast both sides until crusty.
  • Eat immediately. Watch out for the searing molten cheese.

Luca’s recommendations:
to go with this sumptuous supper, a glass of cabernet sauvignon and a copy of Terry Pratchett.