You won't believe how healthy this is, after a taste. It really does look like individual trifles and tastes almost as good, but is very much healthier. Use unsweetened low or non fat yoghurt, if you're feeling particularly virtuous. This actually looks tempting enough to tempt even children into eating whole grains - fools my brood, every time

Preparation: 90 mins (including chilling)    Cook: 5 mins    Serves: 4

500 g of your favourite berry or berries, washed, drained and hulled if necessary        
75 g  (1/2 teacup) g
ranulated sugar (or to taste)                             
300 g (2 teacups) thick lightly sweetened vanilla yogurt      
Desired amount of y
our favourite prepared granola cereal for garnishing
  • Put berries into a heavy pot with the sugar and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes, or until slightly softened but still retaining their shape and sugar has completely dissolved. The amount of sugar used will depend on your preference and the sweetness or tartness of the berries. Turn off heat and cool thoroughly.
  • Divide the cooled berries amongst 4 glasses. Top each glass with an equal amount of the yogurt and chill the glasses for at least an hour. Or layer the fruit and yogurt like I’ve done.
  • When ready to serve, sprinkle desired amount of granola over the yogurt in each glass (I find 2 generous tablespoons of granola per glass about right) and serve immediately.