I'm thrilled to announce another joint Quickies : Morning, Noon and Night Cooking Challenge with Lazaro Cooks! Our first two challenges were so well received, we had repeated requests for another Quickie challenge. We aim to please, so here we are again!

The prize will be a copy of my cookbook Quickies : Morning, Noon and Night. This is my first cookbook and I've written it with the aim of providing inspiration to anyone who's ever felt too tired or too uninspired to cook, or who has the pizza delivery number on speed dial.

Contest Photo

I've tested and cooked every one of the 70 short, easy but sensational recipes in it countless times, over many years, so you know that they'll really work. I personally prepared and plated all the dishes in the book, which were then photographed by a professional photographer, in my apartment.

It's more than just a recipe book - there are sections on kitting out your kitchen, getting the most out of your kitchen tools, the quick easy way to measure baking ingredients without a scale, making fabulous coffee at home and a walk through of everything a beginner would need to know about wine and how to pair it successfully with your favourite foods. I could go on and on but if you've not seen it and are curious, why don't you take a detailed Quickies preview here instead?

The Challenge

Prepare a noodle dish of your choice. It can be your unique twist on a classic like Mee Goreng, Pad Thai, Char Kuay Teow, Laksa, Fettucine Alfredo, Chicken Noodle Soup, Bucatini all' Amatriciana, Mac and Cheese, Soba, Udon, …. or a concoction of your very own creation, making its debut here. Use any type of noodle or pasta and ingredient/s you wish. It can be vegetarian, vegan or piled with meat, fried in a wok, baked in an oven, swimming in soup or broth or sweetened for a dessert. What we're looking for is a delicious sounding and interesting twist or creation. Think outside the box, turn cooking conventions on their ears, try something you normally wouldn't. The most appealing and interesting or unexpected entry, wins!

An example is the Green Tea Chicken Noodle Soup I posted last week, shown below :

Instead of the usual chicken stock, I used a strong infusion of jasmine green tea and fresh ginger to flavour the soup with a fresh, floral and subtly herbal note. It worked beautifully and there wasn't a drop left for the next day, though I made a large amount, in the hope that there would be leftovers.

Challenge Facts:

1. Neither Lazaro, nor I will be participating.
2. The winner will be unanimously chosen by the both of us.
3. The challenge is open to everyone, worldwide.

Challenge Guidelines :

1. You must submit a noodle recipe, with a photo, as a post, on your blog.
2. Copy & Paste the Quickies cover image (contest photo shown above) onto your blog post that includes the noodle recipe you wish to submit and  a link to both Quickies on the Dinner Table and Lazaro Cooks! .
3. If submitting an old blog post, just write a short, new post with the contest photo (Quickies Book Cover) included.
4. Email me a link to your post at  quickieschallenge@gmail.com
6. On 15 December 2010 (EST) we will announce the winner & post a photo round-up of all the submitted entries, with links to the blogger's site and recipe.

The Prize:

Winner gets a copy of Quickies: Morning, Noon, and Night.

I hope you enjoy our Quickies Noodle  Challenge. Have fun and be creative! Please tell your readers that you intend to participate; they might like to join in the merriment!

That's it for now lovely readers - I look forward to your wonderful entries as always :)