The French term galette can be confusing as it can actually be applied to myriad creations, from a tart to a rather flat almond filled cake to a cookie or biscuit, as is the case in Canada.

Most often it is thought of as a free form sweet, fruit filled or topped shortcrust or flaky pastry tart. However, it can also be savoury with toppings such as cheese, vegetables and even meat. In addition to the more common short or flaky pastry, it can be made from a yeasted or plain, unleavened dough. In Breton, France, there is even a galette that is a filled and folded buckwheat pancake.

The most well known of all is probably the French Galette des Rois or King Cake, a round, quite flat and very rich cake made either with flaky pastry or brioche dough, filled with ground almonds. It's baked and eaten in honour of the Feast of Epiphany. A charm is baked into each cake and the person who receives the portion with the charm, is crowned "King" for the day and  confered the honour of offering the cake for the following Epiphany feast.