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Alright, wipe that grin off your face, this blog is about food... mostly. If you were misdirected here in your quest for internet porn, my apologies; get a better search engine and er, porn is two doors down the left. Or stick around. With a name like that, things can get pretty heated around here, especially with these paper thin walls....

For now, it's just food; quick, no-fuss, scrumptious food for all times, all moods and all palates. This blog is not kosher, not halal, not vegan and tries not to be PC or require an advisory rating. On a good day, the first four are easily achieved.

My philosophy is simple; easy recipes, fresh ingredients, good food, good times... and time left on your hands. l love food, I love eating and cooking but I also want to do other things, in a life that extends beyond the kitchen. What I don't want is to live on takeout and freezer fodder. I try to eat what's good for me but don't like limiting myself, so, you'll find a mixed bag of healthy recipes and decadent treats here. Sometimes, if the celestial bodies are in just the right alignment, the two happily coincide.

I'm Denise Fletcher, the resident cook. I eat, breathe, live and dream food. When I'm not cooking, I'm eating and when I'm not eating, I'm writing...about eating.

If I had to point fingers, for my sorry state, it would be at my grandmother. She provided my first kitchen recollection, one of bubbling pots, heady aromas and sooty walls. I was given free run of her kitchen - a privilege no one else enjoyed. When I smuggled her pots and pans out into the garden, to stir up mud pies, she would smile indulgently, even as my mother looked on in despair at my mud blotched face and clothes. 

As a teenager, while my contemporaries were reading romance novels, I was poring over cookbooks or baking up a storm in the kitchen; I'm lucky I don't need dentures. Now I'm a full grown greedy girl and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Nigel Slater conspire all year round, to keep me out of my overstretched bikini, with so much wit and so much charm, that I am disarmed, even as my hips inflate!

This blog was set up so I could stop boring family and friends with my endless ramblings about everything that in my humble opinion, makes this ephemeral existence worthwhile, and exorcise the sugar plums, poulet de Bresse and Valrhona bars dancing in my head, away from the watchful eye of my editor ; rebellion keeps the blood flowing.....but don't tell her I said that! 

So much for intros; time for some chow. The door's wide open; come in, sup with me, stay a while and look around - you never know what you might find. And, before you go, leave a line, let me know you were here and about your experience at my table. I'd love to hear from you!




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